Treville Rapier
Treville Rapier
Treville Rapier
Treville Rapier

Treville Rapier



Oh, so many new faces, new recruits to train! All young men and a few women try their utmost to become musketeers, to serve the King. It is my duty to choose the strongest, noblest and most elegant of them, and to transform them into respected gentlemen that will give their life for the country.

My time of adventuring has long passed. I've seen my share of diplomacy, and of war. But I could not simply go into retirement. I wanted to leave something behind, to serve my King once again. That's why I became a trainor, an instructor, and all the new recruits come before me. I doubt that some will become as legendary as the former musketeers, but I will do all I can for them to try, sword in hand!


A typical civilian weapon of the Renaissance, this rapier screams for the deft hands of a taunting duelist whose silvered tongue is as sharp as her blade. Musketeers, pirates and elven nobles will want to arm themselves with one to vanquish their adversaries with its superior speed and agility. This rapier, the first one manufactured by Calimacil, was designed with a special rod that grants great flexibility to the flat side of the blade while retaining a certain rigidity on the edges and tip. This allows safe thrusting and slashing attacks as well as parries. This original, innovative design for a thrusting weapon will revolutionize LARP, fencing practice, and stage fighting. The black handle is ornate with golden details and flowery patterns while the blade is steel-coloured. The blade is flexible enough to allow thrusting blows without danger. The guard is, like the rest of the weapon, made from our safe Calimacil foam. Perfect for musketeers, this rapier could also be used by conquistadors or lone swashbucklers. Great as a symbol of status, the sword was often seen hanging from the belt of noblemen and aspiring merchants.


  • Materials - Calimacil foam and fiberglass core
  • Total length - 42,51 inches- 108 cm 
  • Blade length - 31,88 inches - 81 cm
  • Blade thickness - 1.18 inches - 3 cm
  • Guard length - 10,62 inches - 27 cm
  • Weight - 1.35 pounds - 615 gr

Made in Quebec, Canada, by Calimacil 

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